There’s so many uber-cool old classic and cult movies out there  – and so many great cocktails that go with them – it seems a shame not to revisit them!

So Sombrero’s bringin’ ‘old school movie-buff cool’ back!

Every Tuesday we’ll be projecting a movie up against the wall in our Rosalita Room. It’s free, it’s super relaxed and it’s really more about the popcorn, cocktails and belly laughs than a traditional cinema experience.

We press play at 7:30pm each Tuesday night. Want to eat dinner or dessert while you watch…fine by us. Want to drink cocktails while you watch…fine by us. Want to munch down on some of our chilli-popcorn while you watch…if you don’t chew too loudly, guess what…it’s fine by us!

Reserve your table in the Rosalita Room so you don’t miss out on a good viewing angle!

The line-up for the coming weeks is:


  • 18th November – The Big Lebowski – White Russians
  • 25th November  – Pulp Fiction – $5 Shake
  • 2nd December – Like Water for Chocolate – Chocolate Martini
  • 9th December – Casablanca – French 75
  • 16th December – Saturday Night Fever – Seven Seven
  • 23rd December – It’s a Wonderful Life – Mulled Wine

To give us you’re own two pesos worth about what we should show in 2015 – flick us a comment below!