Last Friday Black Sombrero hosted its first ‘Tequila Masterclass’ with the renowned & passionate Grant Shearon from Casa Herradura as our learned leader.

After sipping on a freshly made Watermelon Margarita upon arrival, 30 devout tequila pupils were taken on a learning journey on the history and art of tequila making, and tutored in the differences in tequila. We were taken on a ‘Tequila Flight’ through Herradura’s Blanco (Silver), Reposado (‘Rested’) & Añejo (‘Aged’ or ‘Vintage) and then spoilt with Herradura Seleccion Suprema.

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The Tequila Flight was matched with an amazing antojito menu prepared by our new Executive Chef Pete Flemming.

The end of the evening was marked by cries from the crowd of ‘when is the next one’! We just can’t say no, so we’ve announced another date for our second Tequila Masterclass’ – Thursday 20th November. Book your tickets here.

We’ll be having an American Whiskey Masterclass in February 2015. If you’re interested be sure to join our Events Mailing List so you’re in the loop.